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Going Above and Beyond

At Howtian LLC, we’re more than just ingredients. We deliver added-value solutions customized for your needs.

Formulation & Reformulation

Harness new and emerging ingredients to drive product innovation. Count on our seasoned experts for trusted formulation guidance and insights.

Cost-in-Use Optimization

Minimize ingredient costs while maximizing taste and nutritional value. Optimize your formulation to meet your product development goals.

Custom Ingredient Solutions

Leverage our direct-to-manufacturer benefits to tailor solutions around your needs – custom blending capabilities, more flexible MOQs, shorter lead times, and pricing options for every budget.

Training & Technical Support

Promote ingredient education and adoption with our custom training seminars. Perfect the application of ingredient solutions with our always-on technical support.

Supply Chain & Logistics

Consolidate your ingredients supply chain for greater transparency and more responsible sourcing. Streamline warehouse logistics and inventory operations for cost savings.

howtian llc

our global supply

Howtian LLC is the North American business operations of HOWTIAN, a leading global manufacturer of natural sweeteners, nutritional and functional ingredients serving more than 80 countries around the world.

#1 Global Manufacturer of

Natural Stevia

#1 Global Manufacturer of


10K+ Metric Tons: Annual Production of

Stevia & Inositol

howtian llc

Your Local Partner for Ingredient Solutions

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Sugar Reduction Solutions

SoPure™ Stevia

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Nutritional &
Functional Solutions

Inositol and PureQQ®

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Certified in North America

Where Taste Meets Nutrition

We Are Experts in Healthy Indulgence

We no longer have to choose between taste or nutrition. Today’s consumers expect products that satisfy both their needs for sweetness and functional benefits.

Howtian LLC expertise in sugar reduction and nutritional ingredients delivers you the best of both worlds.


of consumers are looking for food and beverages that offer healthy indulgent options

-Innova Market Insights

For a More Sustainable Future

From our farms to your production facilities, we monitor every step of the supply chain to implement environmentally sustainable practices. With vertically integrated production and full custody of our supply chain, we can ensure our products are as natural, sustainable and responsible as possible.

The Latest

Hydration Migration: The Leap From Gatorade to Electrolyte Stick Packs

Hydration Migration: The Leap From Gatorade to Electrolyte Stick Packs

The emergence of stick packs in the hydration category is driven by consumer demand for convenience, functionality, sustainability, and “better-for you” options. The future of hydration beverages shows no signs of slowing, catering to diverse lifestyles and preferences while promoting overall health and wellness.

Reducing Sugar While Adding Bulk for Baked Goods, Desserts, and Confections

Reducing Sugar While Adding Bulk for Baked Goods, Desserts, and Confections

Effective sugar reduction in a formula with sugar substitutes like stevia, monk fruit, erythritol and allulose is not only about replacing the sweetness of sugar, but also replacing its bulk. This is particularly important for applications such as baked goods, desserts, and confections where the product’s size would be considerably smaller without the addition of bulking ingredients and bulking agents.

Let’s Partner

Choose Howtian LLC as your trusted ingredients partner to deliver global supply, combined with local solutions.